Digital Data Entry Revolutionizes the Field of Construction Materials Testing

Published: 16th August 2011
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Remember the old days of engineering, feeding payphones endless dimes just to deliver the latest data in as "real time" as the 1980s allowed? Luckily, those days might as well be the stone ages, thanks to advancements in the fields of geotechnical engineering. These days, reporting data couldn't be easier when you work with a construction materials testing data reporting company. The data is fed into your own instruments and transmitted instantly on the web back to the lab in real time. Save your quarters for laundry. Data these days takes rolls of broadband.

Smart devices together with wireless technology and high speed Internet provide all the necessary tools for geotechnical engineering. All it takes is customized Microsoft Dynamics AX technology for a researcher to use real time data entry, transferred over the web directly to the research lab, even if its on the other side of the world. Finally, a real time transfer of data is possible anywhere in the world, revolutionizing the field of construction materials testing.

Thanks to modern geotechnical engineering, traditional tracking and reporting costs, once serious burdens for cash-strapped researchers, are slashed to the bare bones. Scientists and researchers can operate much more cost effectively, not to mention accurately. The convenience online digital data entry in construction materials testing means that scientists and researchers no longer have to bother with the hassle of reporting technical data from the field. It's taken care of for them. This means they can concentrate on their work with a firm focus on research. Research becomes significantly easier, and therefore more efficient, productive and enhanced.

You can hire a geotechnical engineering service that provides the core software program that compiles the data and transmits it through a secure field over the Internet. Security codes ensure that only those allowed can view the data, but they can view it anywhere in the world, whether it be the lab, their office or a smartphone. Security features keep track of who has seen the data, so you can be sure the data is kept confidential within your team. Generally, construction materials testing companies hire the service out on a monthly basis, paying significantly less than what they'd pay in traditional shipping fees, and it's delivered in real time.

It's a brand new day for geotechnical engineering. Reporting data in real time makes science on the job significantly easier as well as accurate. You might still carry a number two pencil, but you'll hardly need to use it thanks to digital entry fed to the lab over the Internet in real time. Construction materials testing makes data transfer seamless. In fact, you don't even need to think about it.

Saul Ellrod is the author of this article about advancements in geotechnical engineering that have greatly enhance the construction materials testing process.

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